EU Banks

Top EU Banks & Banking Solutions

Banks have become such an integral part of our lives that it’s now impossible to imagine the daily routine without them. However, do all banks provide truly convenient services for their users? How convenient it is to use banking solutions on smartphones and how many solutions they provide or force us to go to a bank branch to solve our problems, especially during a pandemic. Here are the top EU banks and banking solutions they offer.


The company provides a very wide range of banking solutions. Open a currency account, get a credit card, trade stocks and bonds on the stock exchange, purchase and make transactions in Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and XRP. The company has created an excellent mobile application that allows you to do all this on your smartphone.Supports ATM withdrawals in 250 different currencies and in-app transactions in 25 currencies. 


The Netherlands-based banking technology company provides the ability to open 25 different accounts using their proprietary mobile app. They also released their own APIs and SDKs so that developers can develop financial applications based on them.


A German Internet bank that serves its customers exclusively online. It provides free basic account and debit card, as well as investment services and all that in high-quality mobile apps.

BlackCat Card 

A company that provides banking services and issues personalized cards within minutes and ships them anywhere in the world. You can get an IBAN account that only works with euros. There are also excellently designed applications for storing and using bank cards.


A British company that provides the ability to quickly create an account and transfer money, as an alternative to traditional banks. Everything is also done through mobile applications, and works in 25 countries around the world. The bank works with British pounds, euros, and Romanian lira. It’s one of the most popular services in the UK.


A payment service that provides excellent banking solutions for working with cryptocurrency in a convenient mobile application. You can store your bank card in it and use it to trade cryptocurrencies or make transactions with 12 types of cryptocurrencies without leaving the application. The service is very popular in the USA.