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In 2021, any company that distributes content, like Netflix, Spotify, Reddit, etc., is trying not just to be an information portal but to provide a whole service and implement a subscription model. Of course, this has its negative sides, but in general, it allows companies to earn more and improve their quality. 


Netflix became a game-changer. Started as a library of hundreds of films for a subscription instead of buying every single film you want to watch, which was already kind of revolutionary for that time. Now it is a huge platform that produces its films and TV series and gives a chance to amateur filmmakers to show their talent. 


A music service that has also changed the game, where independent musicians can earn through the service based on the number of listeners, not just selling songs and albums directly. This became possible thanks to the algorithms of the recommendation system, which promotes not only famous but also novice musicians. Also, the application itself is very high quality and provides wider functionality than Apple Music and YouTube Music. 


Reddit started out as a forum site that, as opposed to popular social media, still valued anonymity and personal opinion. Users referred to each other by nicknames, not names, and various topics were thoroughly discussed and researched. Of course, now it is a much more public network, where celebrities and ordinary people spend a lot of time under their real names. However, this resource has strengthened its reputation as a serious discussion platform that the issue raised on it can create a furor in the rest of the network and even affect the stock exchange.

Other Services

Apart from accounts to the services above, you can also purchase a Google voice aged 2015 account or Google, Yahoo, AOL, and proton email accounts, as well as mobile numbers already attached to all these services.