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Buy an account on eBay: the advantages of buying, features of accounts on eBay

The eBay online selling platform is one of the most popular places to sell new and used goods. According to statistics, it is among the thirty most visited sites in the world and the ten most popular platforms in the United States. About 400 million views are recorded on the site every day, 200 million active users make purchases. The transition of a large number of businesses online is forcing an increasing number of sellers to think about buy eBay account.

All Advantages of Buying an Account

The service offers you the opportunity to buy an eBay sellers account with managed payments activated and high selling limits 10k$ - 25k$ for US or 10k Pounds for UK. Thus, you can start trading on the site on the same day, counting on the maximum conversion.

Also, the advantage of buying an account is that receiving high selling limits is not an easy task for seller who solved to start business on eBay. A ready-made account provides you with all the opportunities for doing business.

Features of Shops on the Platform

Before making a final decision on cooperation with eBay, it is important to weigh all the advantages and disadvantages of this method of creating a store:

  • In most cases, it is beneficial to buy a ready-made online store on eBay if you plan to sell a large number of goods. Otherwise, doing business on this marketplace will be ineffective from a financial point of view.
  • Each product has a separate page, so it is best to present many products to increase conversions.
  • To work effectively with the platform, you should study in detail the rules for registering lots because knowledge of the basic rules will allow you to create competent product cards. This is important because, due to incorrect photographs, it was not uncommon for goods and money to be returned.
  • It is important to remember that for the maintenance of the store on eBay, the service takes a set monthly commission. The amount of the payment commission depends on the form and type of the selected subscription to the resource. There are three main options: basic store, mega or premium class.
  • For the eBay store, it offers five tariff plans: “Starter” – from $5 per month, “Basic” – from $22 per month, “Premium” – from $60 per month, “Anchor” – from $300 per month, “Enterprise” – from $3,000 a year.

Only after closing all formal issues you can start filling the purchased account.

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