Buy multiple VCCs accounts

What are Multiple VCC Solutions?

VCC is an abbreviation that stands for virtual credit cards. Many services allow you to create and use them for payments from any device, which is much more convenient than any physical bank card. Many services provide their unique functions and conditions, ranging from the implementation of applications for creating and using multiple cards at the same time to reward systems and cashback from partners. Here we take a look at the most popular multiple VCC solutions.

Buy Neteller account

The payment system was founded in 1999 in London, UK by another big company PaySafe Group. In 2014, it bought another payment system Skrill. Now it is the biggest European online payment system and one of the biggest in the world. Neteller offers different accent statuses that give lower fees for transactions and some other benefits. It supports more than 20 popular currencies and not too much. US dollars, British pounds, euros, Japanese tens, Indian rupees, Canada and Australian, etc. It works in 200 countries around the world, but in Canada, Israel, Hong Kong, and Macao some features are limited. There is the option to make its VISA or MasterCard cards virtual and physical.

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Buy Revolut business account

Revolut business allows doing business globally. You can open online business account and use it as real normal business account. Revolut business bank allows you to receive, hold and exchange money in 30+ currencies worldwide and you won't have hidden fees. You are also able to set up as many sub-accounts in different currencies as you need to run business

Speaking about Revolut business virtual cards - they allow issuing up to 200 cards and that's plenty. According to their website those cards allow you to stay safe online and give you added protection from online fraud. Those cards should be good for tracking subscriptions and other various online payments

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Buy qiwi account

Qiwi is Russian and international group of companies that provides payment and financial solutions in other countries as well. Qiwi includes Qiwi, "Qiwi bank", money transfer system
"Factoring-plus", Flocktory, QPlatform.

With the use of qiwi you are able to create unlimited number of virtual cards (VCCs) and use them for payments in different institutions, for example qiwi was popular before for Facebook, you can pay hosting/domain providers services with qiwi cards and etc.

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