Buy PayPal EU + Bank with EU IBAN (iCard, etc.) + cryptoexchange !
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That combo is for people who wanna convert their funds to crypto almost automatically without problems. First you receive funds to paypal, then cash out to bank account and after that convert to crypto using cryptoexchange.

✔️ EU bank with full access and EU IBAN and Sepa (iCard, Simplex, Phyre etc.)

✔️ Cryptoexchange added to bank same name to cash out to crypto
✔️ Full docs set

✔️ Proxy provided with account
✔️ Phone number
✔️ Proper Paypal management guide

We provide bank + cryptoexchange, paypal is created on your device!

If you have questions or didn't see account you were looking for - feel free to write on telegram @Verifpro
Plenty of the accounts we make are not listed on the website, also available custom verifications